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Saturday, March 23 2019 @ 10:43 PM EDT



As with any event, the marathon may incur some difficulties.  Jamming is one of these possibilities.  The best way to deal with a jammer is to ignore their presence.  Hopefully, jamming will not be a problem in our area.  All race communications will be logged; making it possible to identify the source of any jamming or other on-air spurious transmissions that may occur during the race.



No two marathon operations are the same.  Remember, Amateur Radio is a hobby.  If we follow our own Golden Rule "Do our best and have fun it will be a great day for all"!

Exercise professionalism we will show the public that Amateur Radio is something special, which is what it is all about!



Special Note:  The following information will be distributed with shirts each year.

              Marathon Map          Operator Assignments         Station Locations


Comments or questions can be directed to

Bob Griffin  Email


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