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Wednesday, January 29 2020 @ 02:08 PM EST
Executive Board
President Matt Tumbleson, KM4MIF Contact
Vice President Matt McGuire, AF4UZ Contact
Secretary Larry Heinz, W2FTV Contact
Treasurer Robert Chapman, WB4FTU Contact
PIO Gordon Mooneyhan, W4EGM Contact
Trustee Jason Morgan, K4SHP Contact
VE Coordinator Bob Froelich, KK4KSY Contact
Net Manager David Reams, KJ4DE Contact
Historian David Goodman, KA3JRM Contact
Webmaster Bob Gagliardi, N4XML Contact


Committee Chairs

Education Committee Chairman Tom Palmieri, K2PJ Contact
Education Committee Co-Chairman Allen Kenny, KK4AK Contact
MB Marathon Chairman Matt Tumbleson, KM4MIF Contact
MB Marathon Co-Chairman James Grant, KK4KSY Contact
Field Day Chairman Al Miller, NE4EA Contact
Field Day Co-Chairman George Baker, N4BAK Contact
BeachFest Chairman Edward Jordan, KF4ECK Contact
BeachFest Co-Chairman Buddy Brown, KD4UXM Contact  

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