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1. Field Day T-Shirts
FROM: Alton Miller NE4EA I am ordering T-Shirts for Field Day 2018 on Tuesday, June 5, about two weeks from now. For anyone wishing to order ARRL Field Day 2018 T-Shirts, please let me know and I’ll add them to my order. I will need to know size and color. ...
by W2FTV on 05/22 12:00PM - Story - 3 Hits

2. TV Spots
From GSARC PIO Gordon Mooneyham W4EGM The first link is the 4 spots that were aired last Wednesday morning between 5 & 7 AM. The second clip was from this past Monday night on WPDE's 5:30 news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYNqXaQcsT0&feature=youtu.be http://wpde.com/news/local/grand-strand-amateur-radio-club-more-than-just-a-hobby Copyright © 2018 Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club, All rights reserved. ...
by W2FTV on 05/17 09:08AM - Story - 11 Hits

3. Field Day
Field Day 2018 is coming soon! June 23 – 24, 2018 . At the Monday May 7th GSARC Meeting, the membership present will decide by vote whether to operate ONLY on Saturday or operate through the night into Sunday. It’s important that you attend the May 7th meeting. Time: 8:00AM ...
by W2FTV on 05/09 07:44PM - Story - 51 Hits

4. GSARC 2017 Ham of the Year
GSARC 2017 Ham of the Year Tom Palmieri, K2PJ Congratulations! K2PJ receives an award from the GSARC membership on behalf of the Myrtle Beach Repeater Team, W4EGM, W2FTV, KD4TMW and AF4UZ, for Planning and Installing the new UHF repeater atop the Sheraton Hotel at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center . ...
by Admin on 01/20 01:33PM - Story - 1,073 Hits

5. New Repeater
Good morning everyone, With the excitement of the new 441.775 repeater coming online it has been brought to my attention that the repeater is being "kerchunked" quite a bit. While this is common place it has been exacerbated with the new machine. I would like to remind everyone that it ...
by W2FTV on 11/15 06:59AM - Story - 465 Hits

6. 2018 Dues
The GSARC Treasurer is now accepting dues for 2018. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31 with dues payable the first of the year. Dues shall be twenty-five dollars [$25.00] per year for Regular Membership [Full Voting Rights]. Dues shall be ten dollars [$10.00] per family member ...
by W2FTV on 11/13 11:29AM - Story - 362 Hits

7. Rag Chew with us !
The GSARC holds 4 nets each week. Please join us on the air. Saturdays at 8:00pm on the 147.120 MHz Repeater Sundays at 8:00pm on the 145.110 MHz Repeater Tuesdays at 8:00pm on the 444.675 MHz Repeater Thursdays at 8:00pm on the 146.805 MHz Repeater For more about our Nets, ...
by Admin on 11/11 06:51PM - Story - 7,806 Hits

8. GSARC Meeting Location
Location for GSARC Monthly Business Meeting The location for our business meeting has been secured at the Myrtle Beach Fire Station # 6. It is located at 970 38th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, just 1 block east of Robert Grissom Pkwy on the left. This will be effective for ...
by Admin on 11/10 10:07PM - Story - 2,630 Hits

9. Thursday Lunch Group
Join us every Thursday for lunch at Big D's BBQ Trough located at 2917 Church St, Conway, SC 29526. The scheduled time is noon but if you want to beat the rush come a bit earlier. We have reserved tables and usually have to pull more together. Food is served ...
by Admin on 11/10 06:14AM - Story - 1,190 Hits

10. Saturday Breakfast
The clubs Saturday morning breakfast is at the Golden Coral Steakhouse at 868 Oak Forest Lane in Myrtle Beach (This is the Golden Corral near the Wal-Mart off Seaboard St. (Vicinity US 501 and Seaboard St.) Golden Corral opens at 0730 so plan on being there between 0745-0800. They have ...
by Admin on 10/30 06:53PM - Story - 1,363 Hits

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