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Thursday, October 29 2020 @ 08:58 PM EDT


Net Schedule


Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Frequency 145.110 MHz (-0.6)
PL 85.4 Hz
224.14 MHz (-1.6)
PL 123.0 Hz
444.675 MHz (+5.0)
PL 85.4 Hz
146.805 MHz (-0.6)
PL 85.4 Hz
147.120 MHz (+0.6)
PL 85.4 Hz

Except GSARC

Meeting Nights

147.240 MHz (+0.6)
PL 85.4 Hz

441.775 MHz (+5.0)
PL 85.4 Hz
Time 8:00 PM (Local) 8:00 PM (Local) 8:00 PM (Local) 8:00 PM (Local) 8:00 PM (Local)


Net Control Preamble (PDF format)


Repeater Information
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