“This is [YOUR CALL], net control calling ‘CQ’ to the Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club (440 MHz or 2 meter) net.    

My name is ______, and I’m located in __________. Our Net schedule is as follows:
Our nets meet on the following frequencies and nights at 8:00 pm local time with PL tone 85.4;
Tuesday on 444.675 MHz , Thursday on 146.805 MHz, Saturday on 147.120 MHz and Sunday on 145.110 MHz
For more information about our club go to our website, w4gs.org.
Skywarn or ARES may supersede these nets in times of emergency. 
All licensed amateurs are welcome to check in.
Before we begin, do we have any EMERGENCY or FORMAL TRAFFIC, BULLETINS, or ANNOUNCEMENTS?”
(Ask twice before going forward)
 “This is a directed net.  Please direct all comments to the net control station.”
Roll Call    Take check-ins in the following order.
"Any short time, mobile or maritime stations”
Manage short time, mobile, maritime stations accordingly
“Any ECHOLINK STATIONS" Sunday night only
And now for the regular roll call. Please check in by your proper alphabetical group, this is the first letter after your number. Please list if you will remain on frequency for the rag chew portion of the net. You may list amateur equipment you want to purchase or an item of that you are selling as long as it is not from your business.
Please direct all comments to the net control station.”
Note those stations staying for rag chew.
“·         A - D ------Alpha through Delta
·         E - H -------Echo through Hotel
·         I - L -------India through Lima
·         M - P ------Mike through Papa
·         Q - Z ------Quebec through Zulu
·         All through the alphabet for any late stations, any order.”
“All stations not wishing to stay for the rag chew portion of the net may secure at your pleasure.  Thank you for checking in.”
Proceed with rag chew.  Check for late stations at the conclusion.
“Before we conclude, are there any additional comments or business for the net? Please call now.”
Manage any additional comments, check-ins, or traffic as required.
Now Close the net
“I would like to thank everyone for participating. I am now return this repeater to normal amateur use.  “Give
your call and clear.”
Call the net manager or assistant if they
check in and give the net report. Include in the count the piece of traffic you are giving them as part of your count.
NOTE: The report you are giving counts as "1' and other pieces of traffic are counted whenever there is a
             number attached to a message. General announcements are typically not counted.
The report format is as follows:
"This is [YOUR CALL]; here is my Net Report for [TODAYS DATE] / My Report #_____.  I had 
The Net Manager will repeat your call, your report#, the report total check-ins & total pieces of traffic.
A typical report could read simply: "ab4cde 1Jan15 R#1 15/1"

                                                     OUR SYSTEM IS MONITORED.

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