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Monday, April 19 2021 @ 02:13 AM EDT

I wanted to take up a little of your valuable time to explain why you should be a member of the GSARC. One should not let personality or difference of opinion determine your membership status with this great organization. None of us will ever agree on everything all the time. If you want something changed, you have to debate the issue. If you want to debate the issue, you have to be a member. Remember, you have no voice, without a vote. Another major reason for needing membership are the dues you pay to help maintain club equipment and general overhead expenses. We can no longer rely on city money to keep the coffers full. There may not be any funds left over for organizations like ours in the coming years. I want to list the basic yearly overhead expense categories, committee budgets and why we have them.

  1. Repeater System Basic Maintenance: 145.110 (Conway), 147.120 (Myrtle Beach), 444.675 (Conway) and 147.330 (Murrells Inlet). We all use them. So, we have to keep them up and running.

  2. Insurance: When we do special events we need coverage. In case of fire, disaster or equipment thief.

  3. Web Site: Some say we don't need this, but I disagree due to the fact it has brought in new members to the club and has helped our image as a growing club. (Check the hit counter on the site.) www.w4gs.org

  4. SERA Coordination: We pay dues to SERA to help insure others won't have the same frequencies in our broadcast area.

  5. ARRL Membership: They help with no cost legal assistance, Beachfest promotion, insurance protection and FCC lobbing for amateur radio.

  6. CPA Bookkeeper: This is to maintain a correct balance sheet and to keep our nonprofit status with the state.

  7. Technical Committee: A budget of $500.00 has to be maintained at all times in the case of equipment failure that produces immediate down time.

  8. Beachfest Committee: A budget of $400.00 is used to promote, make fliers, buy food and general expenses through out the year. (Paid back by Beachfest revenues)

  9. XYL, OM and Northern Friends Picnic: This is to give thanks to all the non ham wife's and husbands for putting up with our hobby and to our northern friends for their support through the year.

I'm sure I have not covered everything in this short note. As you can tell, there is a lot more going on than just meetings. I just wanted to give you a sense of what it takes to keep the club going. Your membership is very important. Please think about this before you decide not to join. Let's all help keep the Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club an on going success. Volunteer your services to a committee of your choice and support you newly elected officers. You can download a copy of the club membership application from the web site (www.w4gs.org) or ask one of our club officers for a copy at our meetings or other club functions.

Warmest Regards,

73, Jim KF4CJE

copyright 2010 grand strand amateur radio club inc.

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