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Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 02:23 PM EDT

DMR TAC310 Net Suspension

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DMR TAC310 Net Suspension
Posted on August 8, 2019 by KD4JQJ
The SCHEART DMR system has carried a nationwide TAC310 net on Sunday nights since 2014. Around June 6, 2019, Brandmeister disabled static connections to DCI and the TAC310 talk group. The net control operator for TAC310 over the past few years has been using a Brandmeister connection via a hot spot since he didn’t have a local repeater.

This Brandmeister policy change has resulted in the suspension of TAC310 net on Sunday nights since the Net Manager can not join the net. Apparently there were multiple reason why Brandmeister stopped allowing static connections and the audio quality of the TAC310 nets had suffered severely over the past months.

The SCHEART DMR system has continued to automatically link to the TAC310 talk group on Sunday nights but it appears nobody has stepped up to re-establish the net. To free up the time slot one, SCHEART will terminate automatic connections to TAC310 talk group on Sunday nights by August 17th. Operators can still connect to TAC310 at anytime with the normal PTT but all repeaters will not automatically link and stay linked for the hour.


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