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Friday, July 20 2018 @ 01:09 AM EDT

Online Fund-Raising Hoax

General News

Online Fund-Raising Hoax
Targeting Some ARRL Members


A poorly worded online solicitation seeking donations to support medical costs for an ill youngster is not from ARRL and is a scam!

Some members have reported receiving an email with the subject line “Help Support Dawn,” dated on or about June 30, stating that “Dawn” is the critically ill son of an ARRL member and requires urgent surgery.


“ARRL would never send an unsigned email like this to our members,” said ARRL CEO Barry Shelley, N1VXY. “This is clearly a hoax, and we would never solicit for private causes in this fashion. To prey on the willingness of our members to help other hams in need, is particularly despicable.”

The attempt to solicit funds through GoFundMe and PayPal may be aimed at collecting personal and credit card information.

ARRL members are urged not to repost, forward, or respond to this request.


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