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Sunday, May 27 2018 @ 05:43 PM EDT

Field Day

General News
Field Day 2018 is coming soon!
June 23 – 24, 2018. 
At the Monday May 7th GSARC Meeting, the membership present will decide by vote whether to operate ONLY on Saturday or operate through the night into Sunday.
It’s important that you attend the May 7th meeting.
8:00AM for setup on Saturday.  Please arrive promptly.  GSARC will operate as a Class A Station (club station on emergency power).
Location: Coastal Carolina University Science Center, 301 Allied Drive, Conway. The site is NOT
located on the Coastal Carolina University main campus; it is located in the east campus on the east side of Rte 501 (33 48 2.21N, 78 59 56.16W, Grid Square FM03mt) in the rear of the Atlantic Center complex. We expect to be monitoring 145.110MHz, PL 85.4Hz repeater should you need final directions.  This is the same site used in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Resources Provided by GSARC:
Antennas: The Club has dipole antennas
for 10 through 80 meters. Based on member observations of band conditions the previous few days, we’ll operate the bands that can be productive. Setup will be a task for the members Saturday morning.  The site has numerous pine trees and the Club has a launcher.  If you have an antenna you would like to try, bring it with coax.  The Club has two generators available.
Food and Beverages:
Lunch and dinner will be provided Saturday plus breakfast Sunday should the Club decide to continue operations through Saturday night.  Water and soft drinks will be available.  The University bans alcoholic beverages onsite.  A port-a-potty will be located on site.
Resources We Need:
Tent/Canopy:  The Club has two 10x10 canopies.  We’ll need more.  The “beach” type tent/canopy will work just fine.  One with side curtains is even better.  It’s hoped we can distribute several tents in the area allowing for effective separation of antennas.
HF Radios are definitely needed
with their power supplies.  The Club has none of their own.  You can bring your rig when you arrive and leave with it when you depart and share operations with other members while you’re there.
Extension cords
.  If you have a long cord, it would be helpful.
Don’t forget your folding chair.
Laptop Computer
: Bring your laptop. Computer logging was used for the first time at the 2016 Field Day. Its use was very successful. The software was very easy to use. More information will be provided.  We hope to establish a local router again this year.
A response from members planning to bring an HF radio and/or tent/canopy would be appreciated by or at the June Club meeting.  This will help the Club to devise a final plan for Field Day. Remember that Club members and non-members are very welcome to attend with or without a radio.  And so we can get an approximate attendee count for food, let us know if you plan, or even hope to attend.  Respond to the Field Day Committee via the Club Webpage at:

Field Day Operations:
The number of transmitters in simultaneous operation, the modes (CW, Phone, Digital) and bands that will be determined during site setup based on the resources available. Operations will begin at 2:00pm local time on Saturday the 23rd.  The Club plans to submit an entry report to the ARRL.  Use of CW is encouraged. Each CW contact is worth twice the points of a phone contact.  The Club may even try some digital contacts (PSK31).
Extra Points
GOTA Station
:  We hope to establish a GOTA Station again this year.  A Get-On-The-Air station will allow unlicensed individuals to make Field Day contacts.  It must be operated using a different callsign than the Club’s W4GS under the direct supervision of a control operator.  A minimum of 20 contacts are needed for the Club to receive Bonus Points.  So bring anyone interested in amateur radio, and your kids, spouse, neighbor.
W1AW Bulletin:
An attempt to copy the Bulletin is anticipated.
Site Visitations:
  Invitations have or will be sent by the Clubs PIO (Gordon) to several elected officials and to local press and TV stations as well as ARRL officials and Emergency Management officials.
Safety Officer:
A Safety Officer will be identified prior to Field Day.
More Info:
Should you wish more information on the Field Day requirements, go to:

Should you have question about GSARC participation, contact one of the Club Officers or via the website at:



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