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The Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club website. Operating in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The club operates 6 repeaters on 145.110, 147.120, 147.240, 146.805, 441.775 and 444.675 MHz. For more about our repeaters, click here. 

If you would like to join and become a member of an outstanding radio club, fill out the Membership Application,

mail it or present it at our next club meeting. It's that easy ! Club meetings are held at 7pm on the first Monday of each month

except January and July at the Myrtle Beach Fire Station # 6, 970 38th Avenue North , Myrtle Beach.  Click Here for Map

All are welcome! 

GPS Coordinates   33.7229250°  -078.8647694°
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SC Call Talk Group on DMR

General News

Proper Use
of the SC Call Talk Group on DMR

The SC Call Talk Group is designed to allow stations using SCHEART DMR repeaters to make an initial contact and then move their conversation to either a Local Talk Group (if you are on the same repeater) or to PRN Chat 1 or Chat 2 talk group. While short conversations on SC Call are acceptable, operators should not make a contact on SC Call and then engage in an extended conversation for 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes or longer. Here’s why:

When any operator selects the SC Call talk group, they gain access time slot 1 on all 30 DMR repeaters across the state. That means your conversation on SC Call inhibits other operators from using any time slot 1 talk group (Echotest, DCI-Brandmeister, TAC310, TAC1 and Local) on their local repeater. Users across the state attempting to access any of these talk group will get a channel busy signal. While there is a 5 minute hold on incoming SC Call traffic if one of the other talk groups are in use, there is no way to over ride SC Call traffic after the 5 minute pause.

Recently some operators have developed the bad practice of getting on SC Call and having very, very long conversations which prevent other operators from using other time slot 1 talk groups on their local DMR repeater. Frequently the two stations will be using the same repeater but instead of going to the Local talk group which only ties up one repeater, they continue the conversation on SC Call tying up 29 other repeaters.

Please be considerate to your fellow hams and not miss use SC Call.

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DMR TAC310 Net Suspension

General News
DMR TAC310 Net Suspension
Posted on August 8, 2019 by KD4JQJ
The SCHEART DMR system has carried a nationwide TAC310 net on Sunday nights since 2014. Around June 6, 2019, Brandmeister disabled static connections to DCI and the TAC310 talk group. The net control operator for TAC310 over the past few years has been using a Brandmeister connection via a hot spot since he didn’t have a local repeater.

This Brandmeister policy change has resulted in the suspension of TAC310 net on Sunday nights since the Net Manager can not join the net. Apparently there were multiple reason why Brandmeister stopped allowing static connections and the audio quality of the TAC310 nets had suffered severely over the past months.

The SCHEART DMR system has continued to automatically link to the TAC310 talk group on Sunday nights but it appears nobody has stepped up to re-establish the net. To free up the time slot one, SCHEART will terminate automatic connections to TAC310 talk group on Sunday nights by August 17th. Operators can still connect to TAC310 at anytime with the normal PTT but all repeaters will not automatically link and stay linked for the hour.

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General News





& Computer Expo

ARRL South Carolina Section Convention 


October 26, 2019      8 AM UNTIL 2 PM


Drawing to be held Friday night

for all Advanced tickets sold. 

Value will be $100

Donated by


Academy of Hope

3521 Juniper Bay Road

Conway, SC 29527

Latitude N33 50.302 (+33° 50' 18.46")

Longitude W079 07.655 (-79° 7' 40.17")


Forum Schedule






Proposed VENDORS:



Tarheel Antennas, Inc.  ~  AC-DC  ~  The WireMan Inc.   ~    Personal Stitches  

South Carolina Single Sideband Net 3915 kHz


dBj Radio Electronics   ~   National Weather Service   ~   SERA Repeater Journal


Transel Corporation (Electronics-Lasers-Lights)   ~   K4NET Computers

BuyTwoRadios.com ~ Silver Tip Antennas (KD4ADN) ~ Top Gun Electronics

And Many More  





QSL card Checking 

ARRL Roanoke Division Director DXCC Card Checker David Fuseler, NJ4F, 

will be Checking DXCC, WAS, WAC and VUCC QSL cards at the ARRL booth.

Go to ARRL website at http://www.arrl.org/awards/dxcc.after entering application data

and listing all cards on the website, print the app and list to bring to me.

If you have questions for David, contact via email at nj4f@arrl.net or telephone 843-647-0101


FREE PARKING    ~    ON-SITE CONCESSIONS    ~    TALK-IN 145.110 {PL 85.4 Hz}



\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\   Large Outside Tailgating Spots   /////////////////





DEALER / VENDOR INSIDE 6 ftTABLES.....................$12.00 EA

  OUTSIDE TAILGATE SPOT & 1 Ticket.................  $12.00 EA

      Advance Tickets...(SASE).......................................$6.00 EA 



Download & mail your completed application to:



2013 Highway 378

Conway, SC 29527




Visit us on Facebook








         Grand Strand Hamfest facebook page.         


If you do not have a facebook account, you can feel free to create one while you are on the page.

Please check this page often as information will be added since the hamfest is approaching.




Click here for a .pdf copy of the 2019 GSARC Beachfest Flyer 




Edward Jordan, KF4ECK   {843 458 3856}  EMAIL








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GSARC Meeting Location

General News

Location for GSARC Monthly Business Meeting


The location for our business meeting has been secured at the Myrtle Beach Fire Station # 6. It is located at 970 38th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, just 1 block east of Robert Grissom Pkwy on the left. This will be effective for the May 2nd meeting.



The GPS coordinates are 33.7229250°N  -078.8647694°W



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Saturday Breakfast

General News

Saturday Breakfast Reminder


 BOB EVANS Restaurant

The location is 3384 WACCAMAW BLVD, at HWY 501 and George Bishop Parkway. This is just West of the Intracoastal Waterway.
Hope to see many of you around 7:30 AM



It is not a buffet style restaurant.

Also, they have a “Value Menu that they consider to be in lieu of a “Senior’s Menu”.








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Thursday Lunch Group

General News

Join us every Thursday for lunch at Big D's BBQ Trough located at 2917 Church St, Conway, SC 29526.

The scheduled time is noon but if you want to beat the rush come a bit earlier. We have reserved tables

and usually have to pull more together. Food is served Cafeteria style and the menu can be viewed here




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Rag Chew with us !

General News

The GSARC holds 4 nets each week. Please join us on the air.

  • Saturdays at 8:00pm on the 147.120 MHz Repeater
  • Sundays at 8:00pm on the 145.110 MHz Repeater
  • Tuesdays at 8:00pm on the 444.675 MHz Repeater
  • Thursdays at 8:00pm on the 146.805 MHz Repeater

For more about our Nets, click here.

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General News

The Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club has started a series of SIMPLEX radio nets in order to train the emergency procedures that would be needed in a time of degraded communications  operations.  As part of this training, bimonthly 2 meter SIMPLEX nets will be conducted,  at 10:30 AM on the first Saturday of each month   The net will begin on the GSARC Conway repeater (145.110 MHz/85.4) and then move to the chosen simplex frequency.  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.  We will also periodically conduct both 6 meter and 10 meter nets.  These will also begin on the 145.110 repeater and then switch to the selected frequency.  These nets have no set schedule but will be based on both interest level and available dates.  Please refer to the Events Calendar on this website to see net dates once they are finalized.




Contact Us

If you wish to send us an email, Click here !

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Upcoming Events

Sat Aug 24, 2019

GSARC Breakfast
2 meter Saturday Net

Sun Aug 25, 2019

2 meter Sunday Net

Tue Aug 27, 2019

70 centimeter Tuesday Net

Wed Aug 28, 2019

ARES 2 meter traffic net


We have Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Coffee Mugs and tons more at the GSARC Shop!

Click here to
visit our store!


If you would like to join and become a member of an outstanding radio club, fill out the Membership Application, mail it or present it at our next club meeting. It's that easy !

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